An interlude before the TV table

CAPTION: Hey Tony, It’s Day 3 you’re playing the afternoon heat – What did you get up to this morning.

Tony says “Not much…I was playing online until about 3 a.m.” Tony was up about $100K and lost back about 80 but still up 20K. The conversation then goes to a general run of daily events, like food, shopping, more poker, and cricket, as Haas and Tony spend a few moments visiting.

CAPTION: You’re in joint first place. Who would you like to see at the final table with you?

Tony and Haas talk about the position in the tournament, the amounts of money, and Tony says he never worries about things that are out of his hands…he could be in a position where he has to score points in the last heat to make sure he’s in the top four.

CAPTION: You’re running late – you better run to the TV table…GL Tony!!

Tony points out a few of the players present, Marcel Luske, Alex Krachenko, the Devil Fish…as he and Haas move through different phases of getting to the tournament area. Tony arrives at the TV table set.

CAPTION; Don’t forget to check out the next Tony G. video blog.

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