Aussie Millions. Out.

I’m out of the Aussie Millions. Struggled most of the day. I was at a very good table but just couldn’t get the right hands. Picked up queens against Aces early on, but got out of it on the flop….didn’t lose too much. I won a nice hand with Kings later on….got back to about 22,000 (we started with 20,000).

Then just couldn’t get going all day. I tried everything. But, I couldn’t get any hands. At the end, I picked up Kings, I had 16,000. With a raise, and a small re-raise (which made me a bit nervous) in that situation with blinds at 150/300 50 ante, and my stack being well below average, I felt like I had to see the flop, so I called. The flop came Q 5 4, the Aces bet, I went all in…he called. I couldn’t catch a King. So…Kings against Aces, out.

It’s a great tournament. Daniel Negreanu is here, Barry Greenstien is the chip leader after day one. Phil Ivey also has a big stack. A lot of big names. Lleyton Hewitt, the tennis player opened the tournament. A lot of fanfare, fireworks, and the fans were great. Poker is going to be huge in this country. I’ve never had to sign that many T-shirts, and autographs things of that nature. I think next year, they will get 600 for this event.

An amazing time in Australia. So, I’m checking out from here. The next time you hear from me, I will be in Los Angeles…to play Bad Boys II for television, and the WPT Invitational at the LA Poker Classic. See you there.

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