Atlantic City WSOP circuit event

I flew inn to AC on Thursday and played the limit holdem $2000 Buy inn event Friday, a total field of 50 playyers lined up which is not bad considering this is there first event. I had a really good tournament with 17 players left I was near the lead on chips and came on to Barry Greenstein’s table, his asian girlfriend was also on the table ( I have nothing against anyone) just wanted to let you know that the richest man in poker who is estimated to be worth at least 100mil has a girlfriend. He is a really nice guy and I get on really well with him I know he has his own site where he talks about Gus Hansen and the fact that he has seen him down 1 million 3 times in 2000-4000 game and get out all 3 times. Amazing this Gus is, as a matter of fact I flew into AC from Copenhagen where Gus spends some time and was lucky enough to spend a few hours with him, what a great guy he is.

Anyhow I started to make a few moves in this limit holdem event and bluffed of my chips David Chiu was beside me and I was fortunate enough to give him a nice portion of my chips. I went out 11th but it was a good hit out before the main event.

In the main event I started of nicely and had real good tables all day. Decided to play 3-3 for a re-raise before teh flop and that cost me 40% of my stack as a flop of Q 10 5 was checked raised to me I put this guy on AK but changed my mind and layed down he showed me a set of QQ.

I build back up to 15,000 strated with 10,000 and pick up JJ in middle position so I raise a little like I always do a fastloose player calls flop is Q-2-5 two harts I check to find out what he has he goes all inn for 6,000 there is 3,000 in the pot I know that he has the flush draw if I drop this hand I lose a lot in % plus I dont go broke so I quickly call ( after saying I am going to hate myself for calling) he shows me A-9 harts it come two running 9s damn normal for poker Dave Coughlough says it would have felt better if it came an A he is right.I get crippled now and after not being able to grab any chips I pick up 5-8 off suit on the button I have 4500 in chips there is 2300 in the pot with antes and blinds everyone folds I go all inn I do believe it would be a bigger mistake to fold here as I have two solid players behind me on the blinds.

One of them has AA it comes an A oh well Tunica here I come. I really had a good time in this tourny and talked a lot had a few drinks real nice people were playing with me . I love poker

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