Aussie Million PL Omaha 3k with rebuys

Fifty-five players entered this event with many rebuys and the prize pool grew to nearly 500k with 176k for first place. I spent a total of 24k on this event – not the best value for me.

I could not win a hand in the rebuy period and was down to 6k in chips before I started to get my game moving. There were no big hands or flops all day for me. I knew that I might be able to catch up later and in the mean time I had to keep trying to take pots down with the worst hand. It worked very well.

I doubled up without a flop to 12k then picked up A-A and called an all-in on a flop of 3-4-5 rainbow. I had A-A-3-9, no suit. I was correct as King Richard showed 2-3-Q-J and my hand held up.

I was flying, at extremely high altitude, and 15 minutes later with 14 left in the tourney, I had 40k and I called a reraise with 5-5-9-9. The flop was A-9-3. It looked so good that I check-raised the flop only to be put all-in. I made a sick lay down, even though I felt it was right, but laying down second set is tough and I never do it unless I am sure.

Now I could see Earth approaching fast as I was down to 20k and I decided to make a move. Andy Black limped. I raised the pot. Lee Nelson called. Andy called also and the pot had 10k in it on a flop of 2-2-J. They both checked. I bet the pot, Lee folded but Andy moved all-in for another few thousand. I had to call. Andy made a great play; he had 10-10-j-7. I had outs but they didn’t come.

Usually, in PLO Omaha, you don’t get called by a hand like that but it’s all history now. I was out. The 100k event happens on Friday. All the big guns are here now and I am in good form. Things will come my way soon because the table captain always prevails. Get ready world!

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