Aussie Millions Update

After my big rest from poker I am back in action at Crown Casino Melbourne Australia. The first event was the 1k NL with a field of 550; last year’s record was smashed. Just add this to all of the poker that’s exploding around the world. It’s all good news for poker in Australia – it’s growing fast.

I played pretty well in the first event without any mistakes. I was just playing tight, waiting to take charge of things once the field got trimmed down. When we were under 100 players my stack was just under average. I picked up 8-8 UTG and raised A-K on the button. He went all-in and I had to call. I picked up a flush draw on the turn and coming to the river, my opponent had four outs. But a King turned off on the last card and it didn’t make my flush. I was busted out.

Today I am playing the Omaha hi/lo 1k event and will have some fun in my spare time. I Play the cash games and have been playing the 300-600 mixed game or the 100-100 PLO game. So far the cash action is fine. I am up a little. There are not enough players here yet. But there is a booked flight with the cream of FullTilt poker arriving soon. And then the room comes to life.

This week I will play the 100k NL event on Sunday.

I am on the list for the $250k cash game with guests coming in from Singapore that will make the game – Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, and David Benyamin are also on the list. The action will heat up like white hot lava in the core of a volcanic eruption. There is also a 100k cash game coming up with all the FullTilt pros and I am hoping to be invited to that event as well.

The Omaha Hi/Lo event is running and I have to get back to the action and try to pick up some of the chips because I’ve been sitting out writing this. Check back.

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