I am back home in Melbourne and its great to be back, this is the best country in the world by far. Everything is easy here and lots of sport events, went to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground seats 95,000)today to watch a cricket game South Africa vs Australia its a 5 day test match. Cricket is like baseball except that it lasts 5 days and the fans get to have power naps during play 71,000 turned up and its only the first day I was able to stay focused for most fo the day and got away with having only 2 quick naps, defence was the order of day one. Also its summer time in Australia the temperature is about 35c or around 100 every day.

There will be some very decent poker events here as well over the next few weeks with the 2 biggest the $100k buy inn Speed Poker & the $10k buy inn Australian Millions. I will update my progress, I am due for a win again.

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