Back in London for the Premier League

The event that I have been looking forward to starts this Sunday in London. It is the Premier League.

Twelve players, including Devil Fish and Hellmuth, will play every day for a week scoring points. There will be prize money for the points winner and the top players will play a final for more of the money. This is a great Idea and only the start of something really big in Season Two.

I am staying in London and enjoying this great city. Europe is something special to come back to. It is a big change from how life runs in Australia, I guess part of really being free in life is to be able to go where ever you want, when ever you want, and flying first class also helps on long journeys. The flight from Melbourne to London is about 22 hours in the air, with stop over and airport check-ins, it takes around 36 hours and you need at least three days to recover.

After this I will go to Austria and captain the East team while Devil Fish captains the West team. This concept is also very exciting and is a complete free roll for all players that will take part. There will be 50 players from each side.

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