Back to Russia

I am at the Melbourne airport waiting for the next flight to Dubai and then on to Moscow. I was hoping to stay out and relax but there is no rest for the wicked.

It was just a nice Saturday afternoon relaxing in Melbourne, Australia and I get the phone call from Kirill. He says, “Hey man, you got to come over, the games are going off and people are looking for you to pump the action. More action than ever before plus we want you to organize a big poker tournament. Plus there is a birthday party you must attend!”

LOL sick, sick but I am on my bike.

It’s true, I do win min 50k per 24 hrs spent in Russia. And that is in a life time now, but when do you win enough money?? Is it all just money?

While I win heaps, my health needs to be doing great too. I need to lose weight. I know this but when you play, it’s really hard to control what you eat. You lose a 250k pot and you say, “What the?? Lets have some black caviar,followed by some desert etc. etc.

My favorite is the borsch, I love the borsch in the casino I play at. It’s amazing.

Anyway, no good last night. I decided to back Russia vs. Israel in the Euro qualifying. I lost 200k on it and I don’t bet sports too much. This was my biggest bet ever. Sure enough, the Russians pulled up despite needing to win to go to the finals. Sick anyway. It’s ok. I need to stay off the sports bets. I might be a super fish in this. But hey I am a fish in poker too just my game selection keeps me off the street.

Good luck everyone.

I also wanted you all to know about where you can read my blog in German and I want to welcome a special player, Andreas Krause, to the OverCards family. I am sure he will win something big and I have known him for years. Let’s all make OverCards blow up.

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