Barcelona EPT 2005

European poker is booming. I turned up at 3.30pm huge cuejust to get in to Casino De Barcelona. They were hoping for about 200 runners to the 4,000 Euro buy in first event of the 2nd season EPTevent. Well about 500 turned up to play, since the casino can onlyseat 280 tickets were bid up to 7,000 Euro to play, later as players panicked that they will miss out several seats traded at 8,000 Euro. The future of poker in Europe is huge Emus can make money by just buying a seat early and selling it. You have to take you hat off to Pokerstars they own the EPT (European Poker Tour) they are getting players to fly inn from USA and pay 7,000-8ooo Euros ($10,000USD) to play in this event. Lonond EPT this month is already nearly sold out, with several online sites running satellites.

I had a great start and built up to 18,000 in chips from my 10,000chip start with out even picking up a hand. Then I did got my aces A-Avs 4-4 was bad news as the 4 hit and I was a crippled poker player,ralied back to have a decent chip stack and went in with 6-6 vs A-5 ona flop of Q-2-3 the Ace popped out again and I was done. Playedreally well but poker is more then that you need to win some key handsto progress.
I am of to London monday and will play in the World Speed Open on TVthen the EPT. In the mean time I will play in the huge free rolls onNoble Poker & Titan Poker hope to see you sit next to me check out thedetails:

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