Bellagio $15,000 WPT Main Event – Level 1

OK….here we are. Bellagio $15,000 WPT main event. 555 players turned up to pay out $15,000 each, with about $2.5 million to first, which will make it the third biggest payout of 2005, and its going to be very interesting. End of Level 1, and I am down to about 28,000…we started with 30,000. Nothing eventful so far….I picked up Kings at one point, and won a little. I’m playing a few other silly hands like six/deuce suited…that didn’t work out so well. But, I still had a pretty decent session in the first level.

I like my table. No real big players on there. I’m going to plug away really hard, we’re playing 5 levels today. Four more to go…and I just want to get through today. I don’t mind what chips I have at the end of the day…that’s going to take care of itself. I just want to get through today, and get very aggressive tomorrow. I’m playing my game, but I’m going to be careful.

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