Bellagio $5k 1st break

This is the 5k update, and I’m up on the first break. With about 210 players remaining. They have a really big field for this, with about 250 people starting. This turns out to be a pretty big event, with first place paying $440,000, and second paying $250,000. I had a really good start, and I’m up to about 19,000.

There was one key hand, which got me the chips. I had a J9 of clubs, and was up against Q 10 of clubs. The flop was J 7 8, two clubs. I had top pair, and a straight draw, and a flush draw, against a bigger flush, and straight draw. It was about 50/50. It worked out OK, and I won the pot, and doubled up.

I haven’t done too much else. I’m playing a lot of hands. I really have a great feeling about this tournament, and I’m really focused. I’m just motivated today to win it. We’ll see what happens.

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