Bellagio $5k – end of level 4

Well, that was a very tough 2 hours, and were at the end of level 4. Unfortunately, I’m down to about 7,500…we started with 10,000 today. I was up to 23,000 early in that level, but I misplayed two 10s. I had two 10’s in the middle, and called an under the gun raise. The big blind re-raised another 2,500. With all the money in the pot, I called. The big blind held 2 Kings. The flop came 2 2 8. She bet 4,000. There was about 8,000 in the pot, so I felt I had to call. It was checked on the turn, which I was happy about…I figured I was beat. Still trying to catch a 10 there, I had a deep stack, with 15,000 behind it. The river came another blank. She only bet 3,000, which I called, even thought I didn’t want to.

That cost me about 10,000…then I just struggled on, and got through through that level. With antes & blind going up, I’m still confident to do pretty well….Its just matter of catching a few good situations, and I’ll be alright. 7,500 is still OK, with blinds at 150/300, and a 25 ante. Still a lot of play left.

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