Biking along in Australia

Gloria Balding inquires of Tony about his day.

Tony says, “I’ve been biked, unfortunately…”

Tony says that he just didn’t have a good run although he felt pretty good but his cards didn’t add up to aggressive play and he’s been biked. He got rivered a few times and that is poker. Now he will enjoy the day. He says it’s pretty nice weather outside and it’s nice for a bike ride.

They talk about the Melbourne Open – tennis.

Gloria asks Tony what he’s done the last two days since day 1 of the Aussie Millions main event and Tony says he’s had a lot of meetings, a lot of work, and focusing a lot on the main event. He said he was well rested and felt very good, any day could bring a good run of cards. He is thinking to play the $3K PLO re-buy. He enjoys Omaha. He laughed as he said he’s hoping to not run through a lot of cash in the re-buy period.

Tony leaves Gloria telling her thank you for being around and that she’s doing a great job for the team.

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