Bluffed by Isildur1

I really thought he was coming to play the PartyPoker Big Game and we had worked everything out with Eddie Hearn, managing director and organizer of Matchroom Sport, and he would be allowed to play in a mask if he wanted and we were going to raise the stakes when he came in because he had said he didn’t think the stakes were big enough for him.  We had a 50/50 staking deal.
Then I got a SMS from him “sry for not coming, take care bud.” It was a personal message to me and then management got involved as is expected in an event as big as this, and it’s true, he is not coming.

I have been bluffed before but I was counting on Isi to be there and this bluff is really disappointing to me.  I am taking it personally.  I’m not happy about it since he reached out to me and asked and then we spent some time working out details and he agreed to play.  I had planned to fly Isi and three of his friends to London and we were ready to go. So the Big Game IV at Les Ambassadeurs in London will be minus one mystery guest and some of the anticipation and excitement will be missing, but not for long.

I am excited about playing.  I will be entering to ‘Bicycle Race‘ by Queen. The James Bond theme ‘From Russia With Love‘ was also considered but it will be Bicycle Race.  I planning on crushing all of them and using a tried and true method known as ‘bust and bike time!”  I have wired in a lot of money to make it happen.

One last word on Isildur1, As stated before, I now, more than ever, want to make him bleed from the mask in a poker game.  It’s bike time for him although I know that he’s soon going to take his driving test and I wish him luck.  I am guessing that he will drive a Dodge Viper for his first set of wheels.  But he needs to know how to ride a bike and get ready to ride it when he sees me coming.  I have had confirmation that he will be in Monte Carlo and I’ll be waiting.

I have brought someone with me to London, a great player, and now that Isildur1 isn’t here in need of a mask, I may use it for this player.  Mysteries are so much fun!

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