Busted from the Main Event at Monte Carlo

I am in Monte Carlo, and just busted from the main event.  I lost 80 percent of my stack on a nasty 10 on the river when I flopped a set of Jacks.  Life really treats me so well that I am very happy to come here and get busted within the first six hours.  Last year I got busted but came back well in the High Roller Event and won over $500K in cash and I plan on doing the same thing this year, so busting out of the main event early allows me to take it easy for a few days and then I am lining up for the High Roller event.

Soon I will be on my way to Las Vegas to play in a lot of TV events.  This is going to be very exciting because I should be in Vegas by the 3rd of May and really plan on creating some serious TV entertainment.  Then I will hit the WSOP hard very early on and focus on the high stakes buy-in events since they are so much more fun for me to play when I’m against the best players.

Right now I am relaxing, but shortly I will be busting some asses in the High Roller event here in Monte Carlo.

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