Checking in pre-game

Rikard opens the scene with the announcement that it’s the big day because almost all of the T6 players are there to play in day 1 of the EPT Monte Carlo final.

Tony G pulls up in a car with the license plate Tony G. Classy!

Tony is ready for the day and says, “It’s going to be a fun day, you know?”

Tony says he’s going to take a few chances because he’s got a plane on standby for tomorrow night for Moscow. Tony shows his seat ticket.

Rikard asks Tony how he will play today, if he’ll play pretty relaxed.

Tony says that he’s going to play pretty fast. He’s anticipating the big game back in Moscow. Tony says if he gets a good run, he’ll be alive for day 2.

The T6 girls stop by to say HI! And two more girls stop by – apparently they are players in the tournament.

Tony says he is off to make a few crazy moves, he figures to either bust or win.

More news later!

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