Day 1 Main Event

Happy Main Event with Gloria Balding and Tony G. ESPN cameras are swarming the table and Tony says he’s just a hobbit. Tony feels the good players will have a big advantage and the top players will get through. He says that people want to see big stars at the final tables and not just a bunch of random people every year. Tony says the big players are just going to dominate. He thinks a big name will win it. Tony had shares of himself up for sale at ChipMeUp.

They talk about Nelly, he’s at a table next to Tony but he doesn’t really know who Nelly is and he’s not aware of who some of the stars are. He says he hardly watches TV and he’s too busy on the internet.

He wants to stay focused and hopes things fall his way, he wants to get through really healthy and then have a few days off.

Tony asks Gloria to do a little rapping, she does! Tony G Rapper! .

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