Day 1 of Event 37 – WSOP 10K Stud Hi/Lo Championship

Melissa Castello and Tony G talk about busting out yesterday. Today he’s playing the $10 buy-in Stud Championship. He wants to win a bracelet. He says he’s one of the weaker players in stud but anyone can do it and he’s looking to stay fresh and fit because there’s another 17 days of the tournament.

Tony thinks the structure is slow, the days are grueling and the fun is out of it, but he’s a hobby player and doesn’t like to just wait for the big hands and then take three or four days to play a tournament and then bust out in 78th or so.

If given a choice of where he’d like to be or what he’d like to do, he says he’d like to live in Beverly Hills and be doing one of those shows like 9020 or something like that. He says it would probably be nice for six months and then he’d want to be doing something else. He’s happy with what he does now, the internet and work and finding new things to do, he says it’s fun.


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