Day 2 $50K HORSE

Gloria Balding and Tony G., day 2 of the $50K HORSE. Tony says he’s doing great, although yesterday wasn’t so good. He was down to under 50, he lost 100,000 chips but he bounced back and finished the day about even. Today he started off the game bad and lost about half his chips in the first three or four hands, he says he plays a lot of hands – he plays for luck. Then he had a really good run and he’s up to over 300,000. He says he actually played good a few hands.

Erick Lindgren (off camera) is throwing chips at Tony.

Tony says he’s having a bit of fun and he hopes to survive the day and keep himself off the streets. He holds up a chip and says that’s what $25,000 chips look like.

Tony said he had rolled up 8s the last hand of stud and he raised twice, the pot was well over 100,000 and it was three way action and a great hand for him.

Gloria questions Tony on which is his favorite ‘letter’ of the HORSE (what’s his favorite game)? He gives a postively nonanswer because he enjoys them all and he says this is the sort of game that everyone should play.

The conversation ends with Tony saying he thinks Erick is going to clean him up at basketball.

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