Day 2A WSOP Main Event

Gloria Balding brings Tony G. and Jamie Glazer to the microphone. Tony motions to Jamie and says he brought along a shrink. Jamie is a professional golf player and has worked with Joe Hachem also. Jamie has worked with Tony for about 6 months or so and they work on the pschyology of poker – working on the mental game. Jamie is available to the ChipMeUp team. The whole of the conversation with Jamie is about the mind and changing ones attitude to become a winner. Jamie says he was working with Tony this morning about holding back his emotions but it’s like trying to hold back a bucking bronco.

Tony says they are playing golf tomorrow at the Wynn. Today he has about 75K in chips and he’s at a table composed of donkeys. Tony’s working on scoring ‘runs’ and ‘money’ and ‘bracelets’. People have shares of him on ChipMeUp.

He’s going back to the table.

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