Day one of the $50K Horse

I had a very good sleep last night so I was feeling very good coming in.

Okay, day one of the Horse 50,000 buy-in, I had a very good start, a very good sleep last night, so I’m feeling very good coming in. 148 players today – five players up from last year – so about 7.5M prize pool. It’s something to really play for today, and I really want to play well.

I have Doyle Brunson on my table which makes it interesting to play because I can learn something, and we’ve played a few big hands with Doyle. He’s a very good player and he’s got a lot of experience so I’m very happy to be playing with Doyle for a whole day.

Layne Flack is also on my table, which is very interesting; by the way Todd Brunson came to the table, son of Doyle, and he was going to play but I made an objection saying they couldn’t play on the same table. It didn’t really suit me to be in the middle between those two, so they got rid of Todd and they sent him to another table. And now Robert Williamson is coming in seat one and I think that’s a good game. There’s a few good players, a few good spots, a few Internet players who are very good….

It’s going to be a very fun, interesting day and I’m looking forward to it. For the first levels of play, the first two hours, I’m down to about 80,000 from 100,000 starting chips. But the swings are just there. I’ve been a bit unlucky, I lost a very big pot to Doyle which was about 17 to 18, 000, so no problems and I’ll be updating again today as we get into the tournament and there’s a bit more volatility. I’m checking out for now.

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