Day Two of the $50K HORSE

I made it to day two.

I made it to day two which is very exciting for me and it was fantastic to play all day with Doyle Brunson and I came out pretty good. I had 64,200 chips left which is not as much as I would like to have but I had a very good feeling and had quite a bit of luck. I have to say I didn’t have the best day in the office and I expect to play better today.

I just have this feeling that I can go deep in this tournament so I’m really looking forward to today, I don’t know my table draw but the games have a lot of variance and a lot of luck; games like razz, the standard deviation and fluctuation in each pot is enormous. The skill element is not there in a big way in those sort of games so if you play very aggressive and if you can “play the board”, you tend to do well.

This HORSE, some people say it’s a game of skill, to me it’s a game of luck more than holdem, than no limit holdem, because there’s different kinds of aspects in this limit, and everything changes on the last card, so 80% of the games are stud games. We play Omaha high low and holdem limit, but the other games are stud based games, so the fluctuations are much bigger there.

Anyway, today I’m feeling really good and I’m going to play really well. Amazingly, this is what you want to do in poker, if you can achieve and play the biggest event like the horse 50,000 buy-in, and be alive on day 2, it gives you a lot of confidence. This is what life is all about if you are a poker player – to be in this position. So I’m looking forward to today and I want to perform very well. I’m checking out for now and I’ll update again during the day with my progress.

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