December 1st

7 card stud limit $1500 buy inn 110 startersI start of really badly have halve of my starting chips after 2 levels. I don’t enjoy this game. Later I start winning a pot here and there and have 4k in chips slightly above average. Making a nice re-raise later to get the best hand out in a 3 way pot I win a huge pot and get up to 10kI get moved to a table that is real loose, I get involved in several pots but can not win a hand go down to 3k then back up to 11k 7hrs into the tournament we are playing 500-1000 everyone is complaining as average stack is 7k all a gamble now.I get 9QQ vs. 9J9 we go all inn on 6th street I am still good one to come win this pot and I have 13k in chips but eh rives is not good he gets 2 pair and I don’t improve.In this tournament I noticed several ladies nice to see.

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