Dinner break Day Two $10k PLO

End of Level 8 dinner break Day two. Everyone is saying this is one of the toughest Pot Limit Omaha Tournaments ever. Its definitely one of the most difficult tournaments I have ever played in, and it’s a pleasure to play well in it. During level 8, we were playing 400/800, and I got up to 24,000 at one stage. Its just one of those tough tournaments where you can’t accelerate. I seem to hit a new high at every level, only to fall back a bit. When I was at 24,000, I played a big pot with a German guy, I had queens on a flop of 5 10 3, and I called the pot bet down. I had Q Q A 3, with a backdoor flush and the turn was an Ace, I called another bet on the turn. The river was a 4, which was a very bad card for me, now A 5 3 4 on the board. I layed it down one the river, and he showed me 5 6 7, so I was right, all the way to the river. End of this level I am at 15,000. I feel pretty good, there are two more levels tonight, and I am looking forward to maybe coming back tomorrow…We’ll see.

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