Duece to Seven – I’m Out

I’m out of the Deuce to Seven. Just a stupid day today. Everyone is asking me to do things today, I’m just wound up. I just hate it. People ask me to help them out, help them out, and I just got really wound up before the tournament.

I had some good cards today, and I just couldn’t hit. At the end, Layne Flack busted me out. I had a really smooth draw, but I couldn’t hit.

Just a total waste of a day. I played the last hand so bad, I never should have called that bet.

Now I have to focus on the Main Event. I play Day One, and the next day I play the Mansion Poker Dome, which will air on FSN this Sunday. Hopefully, I can win the Mansion one, and I hope to have a good day.

I am going to see Elton John, and his Red Piano show today. Just trying to get some relaxation going, and get away from poker for three days. I hope to play well in the Main Event.

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