Duece to Seven Update.

Right after getting knocked out from the final table, I moved over to the $5,000 duece to seven rebuy tournament, and I rebought once, so I was in for $10,000. Almost right away, I doubled up with 9 6 4 3 2, against Bill Baxter’s 9 7 4 3 2. So, I was pretty excited. So, I added on, and I am in for the minimum $15,000 to play in this tournament. Carlos Mortensen has made 12 rebuys, and is in for $65,000 in this tournament.

I was prepared to do the same, but since I was playing solid, I didn’t have to go for all the rebuys.

I have played this game a lot online, and in the cash games, but this is a bit different. This is single draw no Limit, I am used to playing triple draw limit, but you get used to the game, and get a good understanding of the game, and its nice to have a break from hold em.

I have 62,000 in chips. I have a really great table, I have the same French guy that I bubbled off the $1,000 rebuys final table, and he has a lot of chips, which is really good. I want a tight player at my table. The blinds are 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante, so the 60,000 will go fast.

I’m really ready for tomorrow, and I look forward to tomorrow. I hope I can make my seventh cash, and get to another final. There’s a lot of money out there – $400,000 for first. So, I am going to play really hard, and of course have fun casue that’s the most important thing. This will be my last event before I play the Main Event.

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