EPT Final Day one

As soon as I walk in the door they tell me I will be at the TV table. This is third time in three tries for me as I started at the TV table in the last three TV events I played in. I am trying to behave better, so I toned it down a little. They must have liked what they saw, as I spent nearly the whole day at the TV table.

I played with Greg Raymer, and the Tennis star Kafelnikov. There were two online qualifiers at the table who were weak, and initally that was where the value was. I probably raised almost 50% of the pots, and was very active. Raymer impressed me, I had heard he was not a good player, but I feel now quite the opposite. He played really well, and in fact outplayed me a number of times, but the cards fell my way, and I took most of the chips. He had his trademark glasses on, but I could see his eyes through a little hole, and I think I picked something else up on him that I will use in the future.

The tournament room was so cold, everyone was complaining, and coughing, and I believe many people will be sick tomorrow. It is very hot here in Monaco, and they had the air con blasting the whole time. I was in shorts and sandals, which did not help the situation.

Everything is so expensive here, you can easily drop $1,000 US a day just to stay, live, and eat. No internet, so I have to dial up at a four star hotel, which seems silly these days.

Met the owner of Noble Poker, who are sponsoring me here. Everyone was really nice, and I think I gave them good value as I was at the TV table for over seven hours. I brought the needle out a bit, but toned it down trying to keep everything light, and have fun. Several players commented I was a different person, and that it was fun for me. I don’t want to become a sideshow, but I will continue to have fun at the tables, that’s for sure.

I have 26,000 chips, and I will start tomorrow above average which is 17,000. 120 something left in, and a long way to go. I will update again tomorrow.

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