EPT Monte Carlo, Devil Fish and John Duthie

Tony visits with Gloria Balding.

Tony says things are good, he ‘got free’ from the 10K event; and flew down to St. Tropez yesterday to Johnny Holiday’s House. He says it’s beautiful, the water was a bit cold and he just put his feet in…but it was a nice, relaxing day…it was good.

He was playing the High Roller Event, he says he has the problem that he can’t play at a table very long but things have been pretty good, he said he was close to chipleader for the event and had over 150. He was hoping to make the top 50. He busted Erik Seidel and had a ‘crazy Fin’ on his right but he was in control of the table, “I’m the captain.”

He spots The Devil Fish and calls him over. John Duthie is called over by Tony for a bit of conversation.

Tony’s on dinner break and he and Devil Fish are on their way. Tony says there are 63 players left in the High Roller event and if he makes the top 50 he’ll be happy. *He seems sincere, even around the smile and teasing note in his voice.*

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