EPT Monte Carlo

Gloria Balding with Tony G.

She says he’s up and down from the table and she asks if he’s playing poker today. He said he is, he had about 40K and then had a little break. When he came back had a nice little hand with pocket nines and the flop was 4-7-8 and the guy in the hand with him appeared to be upset and shoved all-in with A-9…an Ace came on the River and Tony says since then he’s lost a few more hands and now he’s pretty much crippled. He says he’s stuck to his chair now.

Tony says the fields are so deep that his odds to make the money are lower than other people’s are.

Tony says he’s not doing much for entertainment, the weather has been bad and the best thing about the place is its name. Tony says it’s very expensive and ‘normal people’ like him don’t have much to do there. He says there are no ‘homeless’ there.

They talk about the structure of the game and Tony says it’s getting slower and slower and more professional and he’s a hobby player, he wants to have fun and doesn’t want to grind but he feels all the tournaments now, including the World Series, is being made into a grind. He says it’s becoming too precise and too professional and the structures are too long.

As Gloria leaves Tony, she asks him to chip up, and he says he has to for ChipMeUp.

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