European Poker Champion

Well, I did it. After a grueling 10 hour final table I came out as winner, and will hold the European title for at least 12 months.

I had my best 2 days of poker. I really felt like I was the strongest player this time. Some key hands: First hand I pick up 9-10 offsuit, everyone folds to me on small blind, and I raise. One other player in the big blind calls holding K Q. Flop 8-7-Q no flush draws out there. I have 315k he has about 160k. I bet the flop – he raises – I raise him all in. He thinks for 5 minutes and calls. No help for me and I lose half my stack on my first hand and go down to 155k.

I slow down now, and the same player tries to bluff me out of a pot and gives me back the 150k in about 10 minutes time. I slow played a big hand by just calling him all the way.

Later I am up to around 400k in chips, and raise with 3-3. Peter Roche re-raises me for the 5th time. I am holding the best hand I had all day and do a Tony G insta call for 200k. Peter is shocked, and asks me if I really call as he can not hear with his earphones in. Peter shows me A-10 off and gets no help. He was the biggest danger and I needed to take him out. This hand got my stack to over 600k.

It was easy going from there on. Several good flops for me in position allowed for a soft win. It is a great feeling. The winning hand for me was 8-4 off. Heads up I got paid 100% of the time as everyone thinks that I am a big bluffer – which is true.

It was a great tournament and the structure was fantastic. Heads up I had so much more time to play compared to the WPT, Paris. The bookmakers are sad as I was heavily backed and I am very happy to deliver. I picked up just under $500,000 for this win.

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