Event #2 – PLO – WSOPE

Tony G., Mark Voss, and Tiffany Michelle spend some time chatting about Mark’s time at the table.

Tony G. is excited about the day and the game. He’s got 50K in chips after starting with 20K. Howard Lederer was on his right. Tony, “…fixed him up…he’s gone, he’s on his tricycle because he doesn’t ride a bike, he’s learning though…”

Tony G. and Michelle discuss the game of PLO and the skill level of the players. It’s a European game and Tony G. states, “Yeah, they play great. There’s lots of people around…some of them are from France. Now they don’t play so good unfortunately but there’s a lot of very good players…”

Tony G. feels the standard and quality is great and the players are amazing, even stating that he wishes he could play as good as some of them do.

Tony G. was going out for dinner, nowhere in particular, a random walk around and if he meets someone nice, he may have dinner with them. But the good news is that he’s not riding his bike back to Bellagio…yet.

Good Luck, Tony

*See the video*

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