Event # 5 – I’m out

I’m all done. Unfortunately, after the dinner break, I couldn’t get anything going, although I did get up to 30,000, but I was back down to 17,000 when Erick Lindgren made it 1,700 to go from the button. I had pocket fives, and I went all in. I figured it was the best play – I don’t know how I worked it out – but it was the best play, as he only had A10. He considered the decision, and he called. I’m surprised he called with A 10, but he did, and I guess it’s a good call if you win.

But I was ahead, and if I win, I would have been up to 37,000, which is well above average. But, the good thing is I made the money, and cashed for $3,700, and had a lot of play, so its my first hit for the WSOP. I’m sure things will only get better.

Unfortunately, I can’t play in the next two events, because I am doing the Mansion Poker coaching job over the next two days. So, make sure and tune in, and watch the Mansion Pro-Am Challenge on July 12th. It’s a million dollar freeroll, and I get a piece of the guy.

So, my next job is to coach Andy, and try to get him a win.

I’ll be back playing Tuesday, and I shouldn’t miss any events after that. See you later.

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