From Russia to Monte Carlo

Rikard greets Tony in Monte Carlo at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel.

Tony has been in Moscow, he just flew in last night and he’s getting used to the atmosphere.

Rikard and Tony talk about the difference in temperature and Tony says Moscow is warmer.

Tony says he’s been playing in Moscow but all things are good. He lost a little bit of money there this trip – somewhere around $400K total – not much according to Tony. Tony says he won around $2M last month and April hasn’t been good but he hasn’t played many days.

San Remo, Moscow, and now Monte Carlo – Rikard asks Tony what he thinks of this tournament. Tony says it is very nice and believes there will be 1,000 players. Tony says it will challenge the World Series one day.

Tony and Ricard talk about the places the tournaments are held and how incredible they are.

Ricard inquires about how tough the field is for this tournament and Tony agrees that it is tough but if you get a good table early, and a stack, you have a good shot.

Ricard nods at Tony’s shirt logo and asks if Tony is here with “the team?”

Tony says that T6 Poker brought 25 players – just from Russia – and they had a full plane of players. Ricard questions Tony if it was a big plane…Tony says it was a private plane. They talk about the speed of the plane and the length of time the flight took. Tony says he relaxed on the plane, chatted, took a nap, and when they landed he walked straight through – he recommends flying private planes and says they are much easier.

Rikard says everyone is playing tomorrow and wants to know how Tony is going to play this one. Tony says he is just going to enjoy himself and he doesn’t care if he wins or loses. He says he wants to have fun and if he does well on the first day, then he’ll start taking the tournament seriously.

Tony will be updating his blog daily, check back.

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