From Russia with Love

I am in Moscow and enjoying life. For sure, it helps when you win. I have been here for 10 days on this trip and last week all was well as I have booked a few 200k plus win sessions. But this week I took a beating on Monday and dropped 300k in the 200-400 Pot Limit Omaha game.

Games are great here and the action is hot, after the big loss I decided to move up a level and sat down in the 1k-2k PLO game 500k min. buy in with no cap. SO the game is really hot. I was down 350k immediately and I was not sure if I was going to have rebuy. The game is pretty tough compared to the 200-400 which is an easy money, friendly game.

But it was going to be my day as I held Q-Q-A-6 with the flop being Q-2-3, with the 2-3 being hearts, so I held top set and the nut flush draw. I won this pot and was back in action and just kept winning or bluffing pots. Soon I was up 500k and 1m on the table. Total table stakes were 5m at this stage, the game was 5 handed.

Now comes the biggest hand of my life so far. I hope I can play as there is a mandatory straddle of 7k and a reraise. I re-pop it to make it 85k before the flop with 4 way action. The flop is 10-7-6 with 2 diamonds giving me a nut flush draw, there is a bet of pot but the guy is close to all in so I move over the top and get called by a big stack. 3.15 million in the pot now. The cards are shown. They both have the nut straights, with one guy having a flush draw as well and the other guy having one diamond so just 6 outs for the flush or I need a pair and an Ace from space. The turn and river are both Diamonds.

And I gave out a scream and kind of lost my voice – just a little. I do get too emotional and excited with poker. Please excuse me, but I do have more fun then most playing the game.

Later I just cruised and was up nearly 7m at one stage before going on a bad run at the end. But still I picked up 5m for the night. The game stars at 11pm ended at 10am for me. I will be back in to action today and am not sure If I can or should play so hard but its so much fun and playing in USD is cheap as the dollar is a 3rd world currency these days the way it depreciates daily.

Poker in Russia is really, really huge right now. There is a big tournament going on at the Corona casino. Please come and see me there as I will make my presence felt for the main event Thursday’s 3k buy in. The fields are amazing with 163 players for a $500 freeze out event Monday.

Poker here is just starting but I can see it’s going to be like the USA here. People are getting very wealthy. They are smart and they need a hobby. The weather is terrible and that makes poker the answer for an outlet to enjoy and play. People here love strategy games and it’s going crazy with so, so many online poker players here now days.

Anyway, I hope you all play well, enjoy life, and never play K-J. That is all I ask of you.

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