Full Entertainment Value

The next day after the big win I played a little heads up and had my friend Ed DeHaas sweating me. It was kind of a fun day. We ended up playing 5k-10k PLO – only 750k – so you can take money off the table. There were no big hands for me. Just a grind but I still have fun when I grind. I finally won a little and the game was over.

I haven’t played since then other then a bit at the Shangri La Casino. The game there is usually 400-800 but it’s the best Hi/lo game in the world. There are also several PLO and NL games ranging from 5-10 upwards. Another casino that there is good action at is the Korona. They had 163 players for the $500 freeze out. The games in Korona are really good as well, mainly NL 1-2 to 5-10. The manager, John Kobek, is Australian and has been at the casino for 7 years. There is also the Cosmos casino and another 20 that have poker available. The country is very safe in my opinion and I encourage everyone to come and visit this place and play a little poker. Over the next few months many of my friends will come over and play some poker here.

Poker in Russia is really picking up but this is only a start and a lot more will happen over the next few years here

I just wanted to clarify that the 3.15m hand, in my last post, I had just a flush draw on the flop and moved all in. I was a dog to win the pot but I got lucky. If I lost that pot, things would be a lot different.

Anyway I think Patrick Antonius will come over here and I have invited him, People here want to play with the best players. It’s a challenge and fun.

I am done with poker here on this trip and I now go to Australia to take on my rich Japanese friend in Melbourne, the same guy that I went to Japan to play.

I think it’s easier to treat poker like a hobby and enjoy playing just the best games instead of grinding every day. I am fortunate. I have some good clients that enjoy playing with me. Not only do they believe playing with me is a heap of fun, I believe it too. I am full of entertainment value.

I see some comments about Russia on 2+2 and it’s a real shame that nobody knows what they are talking about. Russia is a very fast developing country that is improving all the time. The tax regime is very friendly here with low taxes. People are very educated and the country is full of resources like oil, metals, etc. Russia will keep improving and will over take many, many countries in terms of wealth per capita. This could include the USA.

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