Full Tilt $10-20 NLH

I’m on two waiting lists at the moment. Let’s see if anyone comes up and plays me heads-up…

I jumped on the FullTilt table waiting for a game here. I’m going to play a little $10- 20 no limit holdem. I’m on two waiting lists for the moment. Let’s see if someone comes up and plays me. We’ll start a game heads up… here we go. I’ve got a customer. Queen-Jack is a reasonable hand so we’ll put in a little raise. I like to raise all the time on the button. I’ll make it 40. Let’s see what our man does. *2-4-10* Good flop for Q-J. It’s unlikely that he hit anything so you’ve got to bet the pot. Now if he calls, I’ll probably see a free turn if I don’t hit. That’s the way to do it though, pick up the free money.

*Opponent folds*

*Tony holds 2h-5d*

To really put the pressure on you could re-raise here, because the hand is not important, but just for fun you could re-raise and take the pot on the flop.

This is a dangerous move, not much value, but I like to do it on the second hand because it’s unlikely he has a hand here. He got upset and lost the first hand so he’ll give you the pot.

So now the wheels are off and he’s gone. Alright, PokerKid is here, all right Q-8 is nice, $40 is enough, let’s see if he gives me the first pot. Hopefully he just calls and lets me take it on the flop. He might be one of those guys that waits for a hand. Let’s see if he gets a hand before I do.

*More on the video* And you can watch me and chat me on FullTilt – I’m Tony G

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