Full Tilt $3-6NLH

Be a dangerous player that’s going to win a lot of money in a day….

Say you’re a punter which most people are… and you just want to take a swing and see if you can turn $500 or so into a few thousand and cash out. What’s the best way to do it?

I see a lot of players playing tight and being conservative. That’s the wrong way to go you’ve got to play very aggressive and you’ve got to be prepared to put your money in, that’s the best way to go. When you are the low stack and you don’t have any rebuys, which a lot of people are in that situation. I’ve been there before myself. The best way is to be aggressive, either lose your money quickly or double up and go for it, and make a lot of money that day. But there is not much value in being conservative if that’s your last money. You’re playing under your bankroll probably anyway so don’t be careful with your money in this situation. Be a dangerous player that’s going to win a lot of money on the day.

So that’s what I’m going to try to do today, turned 600 into a few thousand by being aggressive. Obviously we don’t want to get busted and this’ll be a good lesson. And one of the reasons not to do this.

We’re waiting for our big blind so let’s see what happens on the first hand.

Post-big blind.

Sometimes it’s better to post behind the button but since I play all the shorthanded, six handed games, it’s not much value for me to do that. I always wait for my blind to come into the game. So we’ve got to be aggressive, 7-4, in this situation I can’t call, there’s no value, I’d like to raise but in my strategy I wouldn’t be calling with that hand.

Here we go A-K. on the small blind, this could be very interesting. The button raises, there’s a good chance that he is on a steal, so I’m going to make a little reraise here. Let’s see what he thinks about. Let’s make it $108. There’s a huge chance he’s stealing so we’re pretty much committed to this pot. If he’s got a small pair he might decide to play this pot. So now he’s played it

It’s become very difficult for me to play now. This is a very hard situation, when you have re-raised and he has only called, you’ve got a lot of problems. I’m going to check it. I really don’t know where I am now. What did he call me with? Did he have a big hand or did he have a bad hand like Q-J or something and decided to call me. So this is a situation we’re in… we’re really stuck here. I made a big reraise, he called, he’s behind, so I’ve got to respect it, I have to lay this hand down unfortunately. I really hate this play, there’s a good chance we had the best hand but when he called he outplayed me.

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