Full Tilt Poker $25k Shootout Invitational

Lynn Gilmarten greets Tony at the Aussie Millions 2011 and asks how he feels about the $25K Invitational. Tony says he feels great and he’s very happy to be invited, it’s a great field. He says the tables are all stacked and he’s going to have a bit of fun and then go to the tennis.

Asked about his table today, Tony says he’s got the weakest table and he’s very lucky to have them but they are very lucky to have him since he’s the weakest player in the weakest field. With all of that taken into consideration, Tony says that being the weakest player in the weakest field gives him a very good chance to get through to the next round. The Invitational is a three heat tournament.

Tony’s going to see Berankis against Nalbandian in the tennis. Richard Berankis is a Lithuanian connection and new on the scene so Tony will be out there with a cheer squad leading them on for a major victory.

Tony’s dog comes up next in the conversation. Zasko cannot make it due to issues with documentation but TJ is in and will make an appearance on Saturday. Tony says he is very well trained and qualified; he will do some tricks, some barks, and perhaps an attack or two.

Watch the video for a super charged sense of Tony’s humor and the fun he has with poker and life.

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