Going to the Ladbrokes Millions

I am in Vilnius at the airport waiting for my flight to London where I will play the Ladbrokes Millions 25k USD buy-in event.

I have been extremely busy with neverwinpoker.com. I am now part of that site and hope to improve it if possible. It’s an alternative forum where lots of freedom is allowed for people to express themselves; most are complete degenerates but the world is made up of them and I feel I am part of them sometimes.

I have been plugging away at FullTilt poker in the Pot Limit Omaha 200-400. Things have been good. I am up close to 200k in about eight hours of play. This is what I am doing, if I can run my roll up to 1M, I am going to put 10 best posts/people into a WPT event. There is no time limit – what ever it takes – I am sure I can get there but let’s see. I started with 25k and am close to 200k now.

More news as time allows.

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