Good News at the WSOP

After suffering for so many days, and going past midnight, and not making it to a day 2, I finally did it. I made it into day two. I’m just a bit below average in chips. I have 30,000 chips, and the average is about 37,000. There are about 70 players left.

I made it overnight, but unfortunately I will have to skip my favorite event, $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha. Last year, I bubbled in that event when Phil Ivey got very lucky on me.

I have a great table now. I finally got moved from Juanda’s table. Kathy Liebert, and Steve Z are at my table, but the other six guys let me run the show. I came in with a short stack, and just raised, raised, raised, and it worked out. Sometimes if they push all in, I fold. When the antes and blinds get so big, I feel I have an advantage.

In 3 hours, I had about 15,000. But, for the next six hours, I struggled under 15,000. It was a real grind, and a lot of pressure, but I know I can do it now. Having so much ‘suffering’ in a sense, when you play so well, but don’t make it through – that’s the WSOP.

I feel really great about tomorrow – TV final table, great event, I really want to make it.

The other good news is I bested Gavin Smith in another last longer event. When we made the bet, I had 14,000, and he had 18,000, so he gave me 11-10. I outlasted him, so I took $2,200 from him on that. I am 2-0 in last longers with him, so I have a clean record with him.

Now I got to focus on tomorrow. I’ve got to produce a result, and make the final table. I’m real close. I’ll take my game in tomorrow, and see what happens. I’m pretty happy.

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