Heading into the WPT Marrakech

My  heat with Alec in the PKR Heads-up did not work out at all and I got crushed.  I did make the money and felt I played really well so I’m happy about that and how it all went.
I got on a plane to Marrakech (Morocco) and I have been enjoying the great weather and getting ready to play the WPT event here today.  I really want to win a big event this year and I am going to try my best and focus on getting there. Winning a big event is something I want very much, you may watch my videos and believe that I only want to have fun when I play but my heart is set on a title.

Morocco has been very nice. Marrakech is a medieval type of old town with all kinds of winding streets and snake charmers, lots of markets and carpet salesman.  I did sneak into a carpet shop and bought several carpets as there’s such great value here.

Today I have to play well and enjoy the WPT event in Africa.

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