High Stakes Poker

We are done with high stakes poker Scandia version here in London. I had a great three days of play and have come away 65,000 up. The blinds were 100-200 with 25 antes played in USD.

Most of my time was spent playing with Patrik Antonius. He is a great player but has not been doing well recently, but he is so solid. Learning how he does things will take some work and time. The last two days I have had the edge on him. I just feel that I know what to do when I am in hands with him heads up. In a few pots I checked/called with big hands and he has the heart and commitment to the game to make big bluffs and I have the heart to call him down with marginal hands so the action was hot. Patrick lost 200k yesterday but today he came back from being down another 100k. In total I think he is down about 120k so far. The big winner is Ilary who is well known in the big cash games at Full Tilt. He played great and has won over 150k. Martin Dekniff was down about 50k as was Juha Helppi.

Anyhow my game was great and I have never lost in high stakes versions of poker so far. My next cash poker action on TV will be the million dollar cash game. It will be the Full Tilt version and I am looking forward to playing it on the 18th & 19th of Sept right after the EWSOP.

Tomorrow I play the NPL 5k USD buy-in event and go to Lithuania. The trip has been good so far but it would be great to win the NPL main event. I feel I am in great form to do it.

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