Howard Lederer vs. Tony G.

I haven’t played on Howard’s table for a long time. It was fun to have him on my table from the start, though we did not say one word to each other. I think the grudge from Paris is gone, I don’t think we have a grudge anymore. Howard is a great player, and I have done well, and its time to move on. Howard didn’t play any hands with me at all, and our table broke fairly quickly.

Then, I got moved to a table with Sverre, who finished 2nd to me in the European Championships last year. Sverre is a great player from Norway, who I have knocked out three times in a row. Today was the 4th time, but Sverre pushed his flush draw all in. He raised under the gun (we are 6 handed today), and I called from the big blind with the A 6 of diamonds. The flop was A K 10 with two hearts, and one diamond. I check/raised the flop, and he quickly moved all in. I went into the tank, and think about it, but I worked out that I had the best hand, and I decided to call. He showed me 6 7 of hearts, and I took a nice stack from him.

Later, I picked up Aces on the big blind, and there was a raise, and a call, and I raised the pot, hoping it might look like a move. One guy behind me decides to call. The flop comes 7 3 9 – all diamonds. I moved in for 4,000 more, and the guy calls me with a Q high flush draw with Q 10. That’s playing really bad there, I could have a bigger diamond draw. But, the guy called all his chips on a draw, and didn’t get there.

So, that got me up to about 15,000 – which is one of the chip leaders. I’ll check in again later.

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