In Australia

I know most people would wonder how, because just being at the WSOPE is a big event, but I wasn’t enjoying being there and I decided to pull the plug and go to Australia. Although Australia is not home anymore, I still have a lot of family there and I was missing them very much. I’m in Australia to visit and play a little poker for the next two weeks.

The PokerNews Cup is on also and I will play in it. It’s a lot more fun and much easier to play than the WSOPE main event. Look for me on ChipMeUp where I have listed my event so everyone can have a piece of my action. I will focus on putting in a good effort for the main event.

I’m happy to be back and enjoying my time here. Look for me in the Sunday Bike Ride this Sunday on TonyG Poker at 8PM UK Time. Play hard and try to take me out, there’s a bonus if you do.

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