In Full Flight at Bellagio

Its been an interesting time from the halfway point to the ¾ stage, where we are now. I have been grinding really hard. My stack got down to about 110,000. I took a big hit from Juha Helppi. I ran into quad tens against Ace Jack with the board reading 10 10 J -I lost about ½ my stack there. Since then, I have played really well. I’ve been keeping my head low, and looking for good opportunities.

I’m at a new table with Chip Jett, who was the chip leader when I moved there. I ran into some pretty good hands. I got pocket tens. My opponent, Doug Lee made a move with A 6, and I called him, and my tens held up. That got me to about 190,000. Then, I picked up J 10 of Diamonds on the button, and I raise it 11,000 into Chip Jett, who was on the Big Blind. Chip is a really good player – he’s won many titles. Anyway Chip re-raises me. Its only about 30,000 to see the flop, and both Chip and I would have about 200,000 left after the call. I put him on a weak hand, and I thought my hand was good, and I was going to make a move on the flop. The flop comes Q K 2. Chip bets out 50,000, and I really thought he had no hand at all. And, I told everyone “I’m didn’t come 10,000 miles to get bluffed outâ€?, and put all my chips in. Chip dropped it quickly, and said he had 9 high.

That got me to 300,000. So, I am in the top 5% of the field in chips at the moment. I am in full flight, and really enjoying it. We’re getting really close to the money. But, I’m not here for the money. The top 100 get $45,000, which is nice, but I’m not here to get 45,000. I’m here to go a long way, and I hope to get lucky.

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