In Las Vegas for Poker and Russians

I am playing the PokerStars Big Game. Thursday was a completely fun day when I got to punish and repunish Phil Hellmuth. It was my typical Tony G takes no prisoners kind of day and Phil was part of the aftermath I left laying behind me. He will probably give up poker altogether soon. Especially when he knows he has to face me. He must start shaking as soon as he knows he’s going to play against me now since he never wins. Obviously I can’t tell you any of the results because it would give away the show and that’s a BIG no-no but destroying Hellmuth is one of the things I enjoy most. Just watch the show.

I’ve been relaxing in my Villa at the Wynn when I’m not busy eating up poker players. It’s such a beautiful place, the golf course is right outside my balcony, I’m on the second floor and the view spreads out into rolling green, sand traps, ducks on the grass, the pool in the villa below, and right next to me is Steve Wynn’s villa. It’s completely fenced and his dogs are kept inside and not trying to take a piece of me off for lunch like before when I went to take a peek at Wynn’s villa.

The tranquil area outside my window keeps a wall between me and the lunacy of the Las Vegas Strip. The city that never sleeps is always calling. I have the best of everything. I can feed my crazy attitude and appetite anywhere I want, any time I want, and then return to quiet and peace and work on the inner spirit of The G. This inner spirit is in need of taking on Russian poker players and that’s what I get in my next trip to South Point Casino for The Big Game where I’m playing against a table full of them. It’s one of the things I love most, the next best thing to playing a table full of French players is a table full of Russians.

Before I went off to play the Russians, I had work to do,

then I needed a massage which I received in the massage room in my villa by a beautiful masseuse with great hands,

and donned my Party Poker wear for the day.

Isn’t it great that my sponsor, Party Poker, lets me play against and with Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars players? And on the subject of playing wherever I want, I was snubbed again in the picks for the 2011 NBC Heads-up. I am irritated about it and have sounded off on the 2+2 Forums.

Then I was off to play the Russians, driven in style,

and driven to bust every Russian at the table and send them out looking for a bike ride home. I’m on a roll with The Big game, I love it! I love the players, the whole game concept, TV poker, and just being me when I play poker. It’s great to be ‘The G”

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