In London

I arrived in London recently and have been working on business stuff. It’s been a very busy time for me. I’ve read some of the chat on the Internet on Tiffany Michelle and I wish the best for her and hope she does very well in everything she decides to do and I believe she has a lot of talent and will do something really big one day.

I am thinking about going to Amsterdam for the Premiere League on the 22nd of November. That will be a very heavy load for it’s eight days of poker.

The Poker Millions starts on December 11th and I admit I’m starting to get a bit edgy about it. I really look forward to playing it and want to do well and enjoy playing at the same time. It starts to build some nervous energy in me.

I have been playing with business people at my own level and staying away from the Stars. I really enjoy very high stakes and fun people and it’s easier to find that kind of poker game away from the regular places. I’m considering going back to Russia again soon and having another crack at the big game over there.

In a few days I’ll be playing a match with Warnie (Shane Warne) and that is really going to be fun.

I’m really refreshed from all the holidays in Australia. I spent 10 weeks there and completely missed the Europe WSOP and I feel very good about it. I need the time away from poker to relax and just enjoy my family, good friends, and life. When I do that it’s easy to put poker in the right place. I am always very busy with business and poker is part of my life and business but I can’t do anything well if poker takes the top of the list all the time. I want to enjoy playing. That’s how I look at it and feel about it, it should never be a chore or a grind, it should be fun and I want to look forward to playing, not end up feeling like I have to.

I’ll be back with an update soon.

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