In the money again

Its my third time in the money this WSOP. There are about 65 left with 740 starters. Pretty grueling, I would say. I have had an amazing record this WSOP. I have managed to play 10 hours or more in every tournament I have played except one.

After the dinner break, I have been playing fast, and taking people on. I managed to get up to 35,000 at one stage. I was in two pots where I was behind, I had a draw at one stage where I would have got up to 75,000 if I made my hand, which I didn’t. So, I have to start over. I’m at 11,400 – average is about 25,000 or so, and blinds are at 400/800 with a 100 ante.

I feel pretty good. With my game, I think I have an advantage, Its just a matter of time until I make a final here. But, its shorthanded, and there are about 60 players left. I am in full flight, and if I get on a roll, it will be difficult to stop me. If I get some momentum, I will get all the chips. I am playing great poker, playing my game, and the way I play works. I am pretty happy with how I have done.

Every day I play, I feel more confident. I play different than other people. I don’t play like the books – I learned how to play online, and that’s how I recommend everyone do it. The results speak for themselves at the end of the day.

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