I am on the French Riviera for a few days before my trip to Moscow where I hope to jump into a big game.

A wealthy friend of mine invited me over to France and I have had an amazing time here. I went sailing on the Maltese Falcon. It’s something special. I got close to a game on the boat but the boys refrained and we will play in Moscow.

I need to be in London on August 1st for the Ladbrokes Millions.

I see the Full Tilt Video has got the 2+2 community active. I have my own style and will do lots more of these videos over time. And if you think I’m a fish, get a bigger net but don’t forget to have your bike ready for the trip home.

The recent cash game where I took on Phil Hellmuth is now on YouTube so check them out. I ripped Phil apart so hard he never wants to play with me again.


Tony G & Some Idiot Play A 144k Cash Pot

Poker Den: The Big Game – Tony G. vs. Phil Hellmuth

PD: TBG – Phil Hellmuth And Tony G. At Odds Again

PD: TBG – Tony G. Berates Phil Curtis, Hellmuth Goes All-In

PD: TBG – Tony G. Absolutely Shatters Hellmuth’s Resolve

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