LA PPT event

I was at the TV table on the first day, first hand. This doesn’t surprise me, as I think they want me to put on a show. Well this time I was not talking, and being good n(ot drinking helped). I think I have had enough being hyper, and trash talking my opponents and will try to be better then you saw me in Paris WPT. If you only new why I was like that in Paris 2003 show. The French did not play one hand against each other, and were helping each other. I was trying to put them on tilt, which I did but could not win and looked like an obnoxious brat. ( This is not me at all) Perhaps next time I will win in Paris doing that kind of stuff, but one thing is for sure…I love Paris it is unreal to be there, it’s just a special place, win or lose. (I was real close in the next WPT 2004 this show will be aired soon{March 22nd}. Don’t miss it. I pray they present me better but who knows, with editing you can make things look how you want them to look. I am happy to be the Dennis Rodman of poker, but I just need to get some better results first and win a major event. Trying can be more fun then doing it sometimes…I was close in 3 WPT events where I was the chip leader with 7 players or less left, but I blew it every time. I know I really enjoyed every one of those experiences. A win may never come, but I will enjoy what I get.

So getting back to the LA PPT. This was my first PPT ever since I missed the first one held at Foxwoods. I was busy getting hammered by Phil Ivey in Monaco 18k buy-in(october 2004) event which my table was also being filmed. I did have great fun though, and I was in awe of Ivey. He is just great. I know my friend Gus Hansen has been clashing with him in the 2000-4000 game, and I can tell you that Ivey is the best player ever.

The impression for me is that the PPT is the future for pro players. Most importantly, the tournament is a free roll, but also you can wear sponsor logos. The tournament has a very good structure, and the best players are favored in this event. I guess that makes it hard for me, but you never know I may pop up somewhere in one of these PPT events if I can only find time to play them. I missed the San Jose one again(damn). I need to move to the USA so that I can play all the events, and I am close to doing that. I will miss the one in San Jose as I am off to Monaco again for the EPT (European Poker Tour) Final 10,000 Euro buy in ($14,000 US) which starts March 16th. I have a sponsor for this event, Noble Poker. You can read the full review and even grab the bonus they have given to players I send them when you go to The bonus is 100% on deposits up to $500…OK, enough plugs!

I have stopped playing the $1,065 buy in ‘Steps’ tourneys at PartyPoker. $1065. The games have gotten tougher, and I have a lot of work to do with my site, so the diminished win rate no longer makes it worth my time. I have been playing a little at Paradise Poker, I like their software the best. I’m going to play in the $1 million guaranteed event they are having on March 6th.

I hope you all play well…good luck.

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